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Doctor’s Consultation

Ayurveda is the oldest surviving system of medicine on our planet. We come from Nature, our ailments are of Nature, and so their cure is in Nature. At Avothikaryaa we work with some of the foremost Ayurveda Doctors to help you heal yourself, not just of the symptoms of your woes, but your woes themselves. Our Doctors are experts in Nari Parikshan and Panchakarma. They are specialists in dealing with diabetes, hypertension, skin ailments, menstrual disorders, arthritis and gastritis.


A massage has a thousand benefits. It reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation, stimulates the fascia, reduces stress, increases joint mobility and flexibility, improves the condition of the skin, and allows for better muscle recovery. At Avothikaryaa, we offer a range of massages – abhyangam, deep tissue, aroma, and potli. Our massages are curated with medical oils, boluses and herbs specific to your needs. And our signature Nadiswed (medicated steam) awaits you at the end of each treatment.


Shirodhara is the art of reclocking. A stream of oil trickles down onto the forehead to transport you into a deep slumber. Shirodhara helps reset the circadian rhythm of the body. It improves sleep, helps manage insomnia, lessens anxiety, helps with depression, reduces stress, reduces hair fall, and helps balance the release of many a hormones of the body. At Avothikaryaa, our Shirodharas are mightily famous. We create a relaxing environment for our clientele and ensure that they feel the tranquility that this treatment creates.


Panchakarma is the procedures of purification. For thousands of years now these have been used to effectively treat almost all ailments. There’s Vamana (therapeutic induced emesis), Virechan (induced purgation), Basti (enema of oils and herbal decoctions), Nasya (elimination of toxins through the nose), and Rakta Moksha (bloodletting). These are performed only after consultation with our doctors and are carried out under their supervision. At Avothikaryaa, we are equipped with a team of expert panchakarma therapists with years of experience who administer and guide our clients through these therapies

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